FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

In celebration of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, we are delighted to offer our guests multiple opportunities to watch the “beautiful game.”

In-Room Television

All matches are presented in Canada by TSN and, in some instances, CTV. Both of these channels are located in your channel directory.

The Lobby Lounge & RawBar

Throughout the tournament, matches will be featured on screen at The Lobby Lounge bar.

Discovery Theatre

For a more cozy and theatre-like experience, catch the matches below in our Discovery Theatre located on the second floor, tucked in behind our Pacific Gallery.

Match Schedule
23-Nov 11:00 BEL vs CAN Group Stage
27-Nov 8:00 CRO vs CAN Group Stage
*No viewing at Discovery Theatre
7:00 MRO vs CAN Group Stage
3-Dec 7:00 1A vs 2B Round of 16
3-Dec 11:00 1C vs 2D Round of 16
4-Dec 7:00 1D vs 2C Round of 16
4-Dec 11:00 1B vs 2A Round of 16
5-Dec 7:00 1E vs 2F Round of 16
5-Dec 11:00 1G vs 2H Round of 16
6-Dec 7:00 1F vs 2E Round of 16
6-Dec 11:00 1H vs 2G Round of 16
9-Dec 7:00 W53 vs W54 Quarter Final
9-Dec 11:00 W49 vs W50 Quarter Final
10-Dec 7:00 W55 vs W56 Quarter Final
10-Dec 11:00 W51 vs W52 Quarter Final
13-Dec 11:00 W57 vs W58 Semi Final
14-Dec 11:00 W59 vs W60 Semi Final
17-Dec 7:00 L61 vs L62 3rd Place Game
18-Dec 7:00 W61 vs W62 Final