Musician Profile: Marlie Collins

Marlie Collins is a diverse vocalist and performer who has spent the last eight years performing on stages across the globe and playing in hotels in Vietnam, Malaysia and Dubai.

December 18th, 2018

Marlie Collins is a diverse vocalist and performer who has spent the last eight years performing on stages across the globe and playing in hotels in Vietnam, Malaysia and Dubai. She performs with multiple corporate bands in Vancouver such as Side One, the famous ABBA tribute band ABRA Cadabra, and her own band Marlie & Co. Marlie brings music ranging from funk, soul, R&B and southern rock, though her heart lies in 70’s soul with rootsy gospel vibes. We recently sat down with Marlie to find out a little more about the Saskatoon native.

Where are you from?
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


What style of music do you play?
I play a wide range from R&B soul to Funk to Pop to Southern rock. My heart lies in 70’s soul with rootsy Gospel vibes.


What instruments do you play?
I dabble in guitar, piano and percussion.


How did you discover your passion and talent for music?
I grew up singing and dancing around the house with my older siblings. I was very very shy but always loved to sing and goof around. Put me on a stage and I was fearless but ask me to sing in front of you made me very nervous. I was always the singer at school at a very young age. In grade 9 I started doing musical theatre at school and that’s where I really discovered how much I loved to sing and perform. It all began from there.


How long have you been practicing your craft?
Since I was a little girl! I would say at the age of 7.


Favourite song to play?
It is very hard to find a favourite song. It comes in phases…right now my favourite song to sing would Sweet Thing – Rufus and Chaka Khan.


What would people be surprised to know about you?
I desire of mine is to be a silent clown. ?


On your day off we would find you…
Hanging with my cats, cleaning and stretching.


What is your favourite cocktail?
Old Fashioned!


Your life in a song lyric would be…
“Everyday I run back and forth.. into the unknown, sometimes where I don’t see the course”


What karaoke song could you song where you don’t need the monitor?
Don’t Stop Believing, Journey


What’s one album/record that people would be surprised to know that you own?
Grace, Jeff Buckley


Who is your favourite musician? What would be the first thing you would say if you met them in an elevator?
Another hard question! So tough to choose. I would say Allen Stone and the first thing I would say is… “I love you, I love everything about you.” I would maintain as much of my dignity as possible.


What’s the last thing you do before you go on stage?
Go to the ladies room.


What’s your kryptonite?


What’s your spirit animal?
A Flamingo.


What’s your favourite country to visit?


What’s the last book you read?
Open, an autobiography by Andre Agassi.


What’s a book every person should read?
Tina Fey, Bossy Pants.


Its 4am on a Saturday night, what would you eat?


If your life were a song, what would it be?
Love Where You’re At, Allen Stone.


Most exotic thing you have ever eaten?
Pigeon ?


The one thing you won’t travel without?
Burt’s Bees lip balm!



See what Marlie is up to online:

Instagram: marlincollins

Facebook: marliecollinsmusic


Soundcloud: marlie-collins

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