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Back to Basics – How to Organize your Daily Routine

The daily grind can be stressful, and even more so since 2020 with the many changes the pandemic threw our directions.

October 19th, 2021

Sometimes, going back to the basics and setting up a daily routine is exactly what is needed to bring a greater sense of balance and happiness to our daily lives. To develop a daily routine that works for you can be a mix of science and an art form, but we are here to share 5 tips and tricks which we find helpful in developing good, healthy habits and building a routine.

Meditation and Mindfulness
Starting your day with a purpose helps you shape how to rest of your day turns out. If you have never meditated before, it can sound daunting, but it is really quite simply. A meditation routine each morning before opening any devices can make a world of difference and it doesn’t have to take long – 10 minutes is all you need. It can be done in bed, on the floor, or in any space where you feel comfortable and free of distractions; a place where you can quietly reflect. The key here is to close your eyes, make sure your spine is straight and connect with your body. Take three long, nourishing breaths – in through your nose and out through your mouth. Notice the rising and falling of your chest and belly as you breathe. And finally, ask yourself, “What is my intention for today?” Make this something where you can check in on yourself in the afternoon and see how you’re doing. A great example could be “I create my own path and walk it with joy.”

Develop a Fitness Routine
We’ve heard this one before, but we just can’t stress it enough. Get your body moving at least 3 days a week. Exercise has been proven to improve mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative moods. Simply put, you become a better, more energetic, focused and efficient version of yourself! Whether you’re an early bird and want to crush a morning run first thing, need to hit up a lunch time spin class, or if you prefer to have the perfect excuse to wrap work up for the day, getting in at least 30 minutes of fitness three times a week will assist with creating a less stressful and more productive weekly routine.

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up
The afternoon slump is real, folks! Imagine losing half of your day because you are tired, unfocused and productivity is at a low? To help make the most of your day, there are some easy things you can do to reset and refocus each afternoon. This can be as small as putting an energizing scent in your diffuser, making a warm cup of tea or taking a quick break to get up for a stretch. To as big as something such as scheduling in a fitness class, heading outside for a walk, taking a 20 minute power nap or having a light and healthy snack. Find a routine in the afternoon that works for you so you can re-organize and finish your day on a high note.

Declutter & Simplify
This one might seem obvious, but decluttering and simplifying your home will help you be more organized, reduce distractions and allow for greater focus. This can be everything from clearing your countertops off, saying no to buying unnecessary items, making your bed each morning and making a weekly meal plan. Donate or throw away those items that you no longer use or need, tidy up your space and clean up so that it is easy to find things when you need them. Life is better with less clutter!

Plan Ahead
Planning for the future will help with time management and quickly assist with creating a more organized way of life. Planning ahead at work seems like a natural thing to do – budgeting, yearly planning, labour management. Yet, we seem to often drop the ball when it comes to planning ahead in our personal lives. To plan ahead at home, some of the same techniques apply: set aside time for planning, review previous tasks and the progress made, make lists, note any important dates and appointments, etc. But we suggest extending your planning to other avenues in your life, such as the above mentioned meal planning, exercise, scheduling in time for your social activities, but also laying our your clothing for the next day. All of these small adjustments will help you be more organized and build a routine.


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