Wellness + Spa


November 10th, 2023

Fairmont Pacific Rim’s commitment to wellness transcends beyond even in the wintry months with our new ‘Winter Wellness‘ offer, which includes an invigorating hydrotherapy session.

Hydrotherapy is used to treat a range of symptoms through the use of water.  Through evidence-based treatments, hydrotherapy is a regenerating option to alleviate symptoms like joint stiffness, swelling and muscle pain.

The revitalizing benefits of hydrotherapy include:

Boosts Immunity: Hydrotherapy increases the circulation of white blood cells in the body, helping the body give an edge over seasonal colds and viruses, especially when coupled with exercise.

Reduces Stress and Pain: Through the increase of release of endorphins in the body, warm water hydrotherapy reduces anxiety and stress.

Rehabilitates Injured Muscles: Being immersed in hot water increases your temperature and blood flow, which helps heal damaged tissues and rehabilitate injured muscles and joints.

Aids in Recovery: Hydrotherapy can stimulate the recovery process, especially after an injury or surgery.

Mends Burned Injuries: Pressurized water can support the relief of burned skin and its symptoms.


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