Wellness + Spa

The Art of Well-Being

May 4th, 2023

Fairmont Pacific Rim is excited to announce that as of May 1, 2023, we have launched an Enhanced Wellness Program for our valued guests.

Our commitment to wellness is reflected in every aspect of our guest experience, from our serene and rejuvenating accommodations to our thoughtfully curated selection of amenities and activities. Discover customizable experiences with bespoke offerings, including exhilarating adventures and mindful relaxation to nutritious fare and immersive learning. Design your holistic self-care journey, tailored to individual lifestyles, and ignite your senses in a contemporary oasis of incredible natural beauty and award-winning hospitality.

Our wellness philosophy is based around four key pillars:

Sleep Well: Our need for rest is founded on the remarkable regenerative qualities it offers, and is at the core of our hotel experience. We’re here to provide you with wellness enhancements that aid in getting you the perfect night’s sleep.

Nourish Well: Our culinary philosophy is inspired by the bounty of the Pacific Northwest, grounded by nature. Our offerings are nutrition rich, seasonal, locally-sourced, with a broad range of menu options.

Move Well: Having an active body with regular movement has proven benefits for both our minds and bodies. We offer bespoke movement and fitness activities, extending to our very own awe-inspiring destination. Everything from a digital in-room workout class, a morning Stanley Park Seawall run, a bike ride around the city, or get lost in a forest; we have something for everyone.

Stay Well: From our natural, serene and rejuvenating spaces to an enhanced in-room wellness experience, we have a curated selection of activities and offerings to help you leave feeling inspired and energized.

Learn more about our wellness offerings here.


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