Hello Spring ’16’ Unveil

On March 4, 2015, we unveiled a new light installation by Bocci in our main hotel entrance. Beginning with a spring fashion show curated by luxury retailer Holt Renfrew, and followed by an appearance from the artist Omer Arbel, the evening was capped off with a dramatic reveal of the artwork titled ’16’.

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“16” by Bocci – The light.

“The gratifying thing about this project is to see a spark from the past finally realized,”


Hello Spring

Not only is it a breathtaking piece of art, it’s Bocci’s largest public artwork in Canada! Because of the special fabrication technique, no two pieces of glass sculptures are the same shape.

Click here to enjoy the highlights from this special evening.



On a trip to California a member of the ownership team was inspired by the designs of NAVEN, a company created by young LA duo Kim and Alexis McClay. Their gowns with a flowing skirt added dramatic fashion, literally, to the lobby lounge team.


Jason Matlo’s 10 Year Anniversary

In October 2014, we hosted Jason Matlo’s 10 year anniversary fashion show complete with a 100 ft mirrored runway and backdrop to create a “very upscale, very shiny, very couture and very luminous” experience.


In Dramatic Fashion

On Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 we had the pleasure of showcasing Catherine Regehr’s Fall collection and Adad Hannah’s unveiling of his latest piece “Blackwater Ophelia”. We hope you enjoyed the show and just in case you missed it…



Neil Campbell is a Vancouver artist whose site-specific artworks are custom-tailored to individual spaces.