Artist Profile: Dave Martone

Meet Dave! With a love for music since he was a young child, he’s worked hard to master his craft and bring live music to our Lobby Lounge!

August 16th, 2017

Meet Dave! This Ontario born artist has performed live in countless cities in the US, conducted clinics and has taught for The Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and the National Guitar Workshop, Parker Guitars and Digitech/Johnson amplification. With a love for music since he was a young child, he’s worked hard to master his craft and bring live music to our Lobby Lounge!


Where are you from?

I’m from the Niagara Wine Region in Ontario.


What style of music do you play?

Neuvo Flamenco Guitar.


What instruments do you play?

I play the guitar, bass and vocals.


How did you discover your passion and talent for music?

Through my father. He started me off in music when I was just six years old. After I heard Black Sabbath at 10 years old it was all over!


How long you have been practicing your craft?

Ever since I was six.


Favourite song to play?

Favourite song to play is Coming Clean. A song from my Clean Album.


Favourite song to listen to?

My favourite song/album would be ‘Passion’ by Peter Gabriel.


What would people be surprised to know about you?

That I have a family and a child.


On your day off we would find you…

In my studio recording.


Favourite cocktail spot in the city & why?

Fairmont Pacific Rim!


Number one must-do thing in Vancouver?

Come see me play live at the Pacific Rim!


See what Dave is up to on social media

Twitter: @davemartone

Facebook: Dave Martone

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