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Fairmont Pacific Rim established its art collection under the direction of owners and developers Westbank and the Peterson Group. A collection that is not themed, but rather driven by interest and passion – bringing art and artists into all aspects of the hotel’s design and development. Discover the art and artistry of the hotel’s growing international art collection with our Building Artistry Guide. Explore the public art and architectural detail at the property, beginning outside and gradually making your way inside to the works throughout the public areas of the hotel.

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Some signature public art pieces you will find at Fairmont Pacific Rim include:

Liam Gillick, 2010
“Lying on top of a building the clouds looked no nearer than when I was lying on the street” This passage, in UK artist Liam Gillick’s signature font choice of Helvetica bold, occupies floors 5 through 22. Where the artwork ends, the luxury residential units begin – the work serving as a defining point. The two-foot high letters stand boldly on the building’s exterior along narrow concrete fins that sharply turn to accentuate the building’s most public corner. When viewed from the street, the letters reflect the surrounding buildings and shifting colours of the ever changing Vancouver sky.

Bocci, 2015
16.755 is a dramatic installation of 755 lit glass leaves supported by a set of site-specific, tree-like minarets. These “trees” rise out of a landscape constructed of burnt wood planks and form an immersive canopy of light that reaches up to six metres in height. Bench platforms and higher mounds in the landscape serve the dual purpose of protecting the trees from vehicles, providing refuge to visitors, and creating informal meeting places. Bocci numbers each of its works, and ‘16’ was first envisioned in 2007 by Omer Arbel, Bocci’s Creative Director. However, it was archived as the company’s infrastructure and access to technology were not sophisticated enough to realize the work’s full potential until recently. Arbel explores the intrinsic mechanical, physical, and chemical qualities of materials as fundamental departure points. All Bocci designs are developed, engineered, and fabricated in-house, with headquarters based in Vancouver.

The Pacific Gallery
The Pacific Gallery at Fairmont Pacific Rim opened in late 2021 with its inaugural exhibit, Green Light Red Light by Douglas Coupland, featuring a multitude of pieces from Canada’s iconic visual artist and novelist. The Gallery will feature a rotating roster of artists ranging from those local to Vancouver to internationally recognized, with their collection displayed on the hotel’s second floor and in The Lobby Lounge, Vancouver’s living room and a place where collaborations with artists and musicians blend together for a unique experience.

Dress Collection
Situated along the marble lobby, stands three glass vitrines showcasing vintage couture dresses, acquired by the hotel’s owner, which rotate seasonally. Like the art, the Westbank fashion collection is ever-evolving and growing but includes iconic dresses from Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, and Versace to name a few. Text on each vitrine gives context to the beautiful work within, along with the designer — those who have shaped fashion over the 20th and 21st century — with each piece representing a significant moment in design.

Fazioli, 2010
Handcrafted in Italy by piano maker Paolo Fazioli, the custom-made piano in The Lobby Lounge and features a unique three-dimensional design under the lid. Vancouver-based MGB Architects + Designers created the case for the white piano and the intricate walnut inlay under the lid. In 2020, A new art case was designed to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the piano and Fairmont Pacific Rim. Origami master Joseph Wu and Paolo Fazioli worked together to redesign the piano for this special occasion.

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